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売ります! エルグランド ハイウェイスター
エルグランド ハイウェイスター

言わずもがなの「日産エルグランド ハイウェイスター」です。ダブルサンルーフ、カーナビ、エンターテイメント、インテリアライト、20インチタイヤ、ペイント・プロテクション、フル・エレクトロニック、グレー/ブルーインテリア、電動カーテン、ブルーツルース、8シートなどなど。早いものかちです。連絡下さい!Blair(ブレア)Tel: 0413 238 757


Nissan Elgrand Highway Star

Highgate WA
This van is so cool, and I wish I didnt have to sell it, but I do, Im moving the family overseas. So heres your chance to grab the coolest van out there, and travel in comfort and style, with a whole lot of power ready to go!

This is the Highway Star, the deluxe version of the El Grand, so its got all the bells and whistles. From double sunroof, to in car navigation and entertainment, interior lights that change colour, 20 inch wheels, paint protection, full electrics, grey/blue interior, electric curtains, bluetooth, change and make up to 8 seats, so many extras there just too many to list, it needs to be seen! Been fully serviced, and a super high level of care has been taken during my ownership. So why buy a Tarago, Hi Ace or some ol donkey, when you can have the best in space, comfort and power all in one very stylish van! This is what you have been looking for!

Call Now! Blair Tel: 0413 238 757

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