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It is my first post. It is the publication for hiring as a part-time job staff.
I am in Australia on working holiday from October 22nd.
Currently working as a kitchen hand at the Japanese restaurant in Perth City, I work for a month and a half, but I am looking for work that can be hired in the morning and night because it is only from 15:30 from Monday to Friday, but it is hard to find a job.
Those who can employ or who give information on work please contact us.

※ Because you can not speak English
※ The address is near the watertown in West Perth. It is a distance that you can walk on foot around that area or you can work by bus or train as a means of transportation
* As much as possible, I am hoping to have a lot of working days during Monday through Friday and a long working hour. If possible, we are hoping for weekends and holidays, but labor is possible if necessary.

I do not ask for hourly wages.
I will do my best anything I can do.
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